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Paessaggi di Savoca: sentiero nella pineta Pineta di Savoca Pineta di Savoca Fonte di Mancusa Centro Sportivo Polifunzionale

Environment and Landscape

“Sette facce ha Savoca e sette facce fanno i Savocesi” (seven faces has Savoca and seven faces Savoca’s inhabitants make), the ancients hand down.
Savoca’s landscape, everywhere you gone, offers you new pure beautiful settings.
The land is a harmonic mixture of natural aspects: there are the river, the brook, the hill, the wood and the bare rock.
Savoca is celebrated for its mild climate, its geographical position, its pure air and water,  rising from the rock.
The historian Trischitta, in a 1918 manuscript, writes with proud: “questo è l’ unico paese al mondo a essere stato sempre refrattario alle epidemie” (this is the only town in the world always been refractory to epidemics).
Very interesting for the view is the ring road, winding along the historical centre and around the castle, artistically lit by wrought iron street-lamps. The most beautiful panoramic place is “Pizzo di Cucco”, where you can overlook Savoca from above.

The Mancusa spring, easily reachable, rises between secular trees, near the hamlet of Mancusa, in the Spanò deep valley (famous because times ago there were thirteen perpetual sources of water) .
The best advertising of the many excellent qualities of the Mancusa’s water is the self-made one.

Savoca’s pine-wood

Savoca’s pine-wood extends for many hectares near the built-up area of the village; it descends gradually to the same-name torrent and is cut in the middle by the Abramo torrent, rich in natural springs. Besides the pines, that are the predominant trees, you can find many others arboreal species, like acacias, poplars, oak-trees. The brushwood is varied and really beautiful.

The pine-wood, reachable in few minutes from the marina, has some pedestrian routes, picnic areas and trekking itineraries for nature lovers. Very noteworthy is the meat-roasting point, set in the green; it can be used to recreational and educational-environmental activities by groups and/or associations, after special request to Savoca’s commune.

At the edge of the pine-wood, in a modern and functional building, there is the seat of the Regional Forester Corps, having territorial authority on 22 towns.

Polyfunctional Sport Centre

The polyfunctional sport centre "Città’ di Savoca" is situated in the area between the hamlets of Rina and San Francesco di Paola;
it consists of:

  • Athletics track;
  • High jump spring-board;
  • Long jump spring-board;
  • Putting the shot spring-board;
  • Tennis-court;
  • Amusement park.

The centre is enjoyable from 2003 and it is the setting for many competitions (provincial athletic events, school little Olympic games etc). During summer in the centre take place the “Palio dei quartieri” (quarters’ competition), the “Città di Savoca” tennis tournament and musical and recreational shows.
The centre is open every day in the afternoon (for opening hours and reservations apply to Savoca’s Commune at the number 0942/761006-07).

Tickets for one:

  • €. 1,00 athletics track;
  • €. 4,00 by the hour (day-time) - €. 6,00 by the hour (night-time): tennis-court;
  • amusement park: free;
  • handicap people, children under 12, over55, free;
  • special reductions for subscriptions and for sporting groups or associations and for conventions.
P.S. The above-said prices could be changed.

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