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Branca Alberto (Ebony-works, Restorations) C.da Fontanelle Savoca Tel. 0942 792643
Alessandro Claudio (Ebony-works, Restorations) C.da Botte Tel. 0942 750070
Trimarchi Biagio (Stone-work fittings) Via Provinciale Tel. 0942 750539
Ucchino Vincenzo (Ebony-works) Via Contura Tel. 0942 751527
Trimarchi Loreta (Tailor’s workshop) Via Cantidati Tel. 0942 756178
Giuseppe Chillemi (Auto body mechanic) C.da Fontanelle Tel. 320 0692807
Gentile Concetta (Leather goods shop) C.da Fontanelle Tel. 0942 750931
Nucita Domenico (Auto body mechanic) Via Catalmo Tel. 0942 750866


Ucchino Antonino (Steel sculptures, painting) Via Provinciale Tel. 333 3285621
Club culturale ExtremaMente (Food and wine, cinema, music, poetry) Tel. 333 3285621
Salemi Scarcella Domenico (terracotta-works) Via San Michele, 11 Tel. 339 3598454


Furniture Mohamed Import Via Rina, 112 Tel. 0942 751661
Souvenir Del Borgo Via Borgo Tel. 0942 761232
Dress shop-Haberdashery Giardina Vincenzo Via Rina Tel. 0942 751368

Taxi - Bus

Martino Brancato N.C.C. Web site Via Rina Superiore, 68 Tel. 0942 751566
Tel. 338 4339568

Tourist Package by the Municipality of Savoca

The Municipality of Savoca, in order to assure an easier access to the expected tourist services and to optimise the fruition of  the cultural, artistic and environmental resources of the area, promotes a tourist package addressed to:

  • Individual or grouped visitors, package tours or free trips;
  • Tour operators;
  • College groups and school children.

The tourist package, available in several options, guarantee the visitor (booking first) the possibility of enjoy some of peculiar routes attended by couriers, and enables tourist to rationalize and make better the tour of Savoca, as well as to skimp on costs of room and board (or only of the board) thanks to services that have an agreement with the Municipality.
It is possible to choice among few itineraries; for example, naturalists could enjoy:

  • Walking tours on the beautiful routes of the pine forest *;
  • Excursions on horseback;
  • Motorbike excursions **.

*operative from October 2006 and by booking at least 7 days before.
**see Motoclub “Mori Peloritani”. 

Moreover it is possible to reserve and use the modern and operational cultural-didactic rooms (Auditorium and the Philharmonic-centre) to organize stages, meetings, training courses etc.
School children could attend to lessons about environment, and in particular about flora and fauna of the ionic district, thanks to the local Regional Forest Rangers.
Other personalized itineraries can be agreed with the staff of  the Tourist Bureau.

Example of itinerary

“Cultural” itinerary :


  • Meet with the couriers in P.zza Fossia, delivery of the maps of the city and promotional material;
  • Capuchins’ Monastery, in which crypt are buried the mummified corpses of some notables of old Savoca;
  • Old town centre-Gate of the town; Historic Ethnologic Anthropological Museum, S. Michele Church, S. Nicolò Church, Philharmonic-centre “Maria SS. Immacolata”, Medieval residence with mullioned window with two lights;
  • “Bar Vitelli”, the bar made famous by some scenes of the timeless Film “The Godfather” (part I) by F.Ford Coppola, with A. Pacino and M. Brando –break and tasting of lemon “granita” (crushed-ice drink) or aperitif with local specialities;
  • lunch (menu by choice) in one of the restaurants that have an agreement with the Municipality.


  • walk in the near pine forest, where you can admire the characteristic plant species and a natural uncontaminated environment; possibility of break in the picnic areas;
  • tour around the shop windows of the local handicraft and to the steel museum of the artist N. Ucchino.

NB: The tourist package can be guaranteed only by booking at the town's tourist office at least 7 days before the tour date. To be valid, you must confirm your booking.

Motoclub “Mori Peloritani”

“I veri confini del mondo esistono solo nelle nostre menti”.

I veri confini del mondo esistono solo nelle nostre menti” (“The real world’s edges are only in our minds”). That’s our motto! We are “ Mori Peloritani "and made of the passion for the two-wheeler a veritable life-style.
This leads to the choice of the motoclub’s name: “Mori”  (“Moors”) were the knights who ruled over our country centuries ago; they were free to ride everywhere their steeds could bring them; “Peloritani” is the name of our country’s mounts, from where our trips starts and where we find refuge before setting off on new trips.
Sticking to our motto and starting with the assumption “mai la stessa strada” (“never the same road”) we travelled all over Sicily, going through the whole Nebrodi mountain chain, reaching towns as Ragusa, Modica, Siracusa, Agrigento, Trapani, S. Vito Lo Capo, Palermo, all the towns on Etna’s slopes and the big Volcano itself, as far as law allows to go. No one road can be hostile to us, nor paved nor dirt ones, nor torrent’s pebbly shore nor firebreaks created by Forest Rangers.
Not satisfied, we crossed the frontier of our island and took part in the biggest biker’s convention of the Europe, “Lo Stelvio”, bringing the colours of the “Mori” among other ten thousand motorcyclists, and collecting plaudits for we run perhaps the bigger number of kilometres.
We ourselves meticulously organised a biker’s convention, and made a success as more than two hundred of motorcycles reached the valley of the torrent Agrò. Moreover we end the 2005 with our greatest  adventure, the “Desert Experience”, a wonderful journey in Tunisia, where our passion reached the top and meld with the emotions that only the Sahara desert can give.

All this is only a synthesis of our calendar of 2005: there were many other less important events in which we took part, like “L'Infiorata” at Noto (a village near Siracusa) and the “Couscous Festival” at S. Vito Lo Capo; they leaved an enduring mark in our memories.

We will face the 2006 with the same passion and perseverance, so that other people can enjoy with us the zest for life...

mori peloritani -raduno 2005 mori peloritani -raduno 2005
mori peloritani -raduno 2005 mori peloritani -raduno 2005

2005 biker’s convention at Savoca (first three photos) and group shot in Tunisia (ksarghilane oasis).

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